PowerMe Homepage 2018

PowerMeA2Z: Folic Acid Distribution and Outreach Plan

SUMA created this award-winning folic acid education and distribution campaign in 2013 and continues to manage and grow the campaign today. PowerMeA2Z was developed through qualitative and quantitative research with preconception and interconception audiences, as well as healthcare providers, WIC, and home visiting programs. Through the campaign messaging, website, advertising, and grassroots partnerships, women receive multivitamins with folic acid and relevant, motivational health information.

PowerMeA2Z has worked to reduce neural tube birth defects in Arizona by distributing over 151,000 free multivitamins with folic acid through the campaign’s educational website (with 157,000+ unique users), and through a network of over 250 outreach partners.

SUMA has expanded PowerMeA2Zs reach to every county in the state through grassroots partner outreach, purchased media, and social media advertising. SUMA’s innovative approach for creating sustainability includes conducting outreach to healthcare providers and teaching them about the campaign.

Evaluation data indicate that, 74% of women who had interacted with PowerMeA2Z made at least one health behavior change. PowerMeA2Z was awarded the Arizona Public Health Association’s HEMMY Professional Campaign Award in 2013 and was designated a Promising Practice by the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) in 2016.