Flu Prevention Social Marketing Campaign

SUMA Social Marketing, Inc. developed a social marketing campaign for the City of Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services to provide “hard-to-reach” populations with pandemic flu prevention information. Research and strategies included focus groups; one-on-one interviews with community leaders and stakeholders; a benchmark and evaluative phone survey conducted pre- and post-campaign; and a stakeholder lunch to launch the official start of the campaign. The social marketing campaign included creative materials, as well as a significant outreach component extending to over 200 organizations and including approximately 30,000 pieces of campaign materials.  The flu prevention strategy focused on respiratory hygiene and utilized a variety of creative materials, including a triptych poster; an innovative “bread-crumb” approach of placing hand washing reminder stickers in bathrooms in hundreds of businesses and public buildings throughout the targeted zip code area. Campaign successes were measured in the post-evaluation phone survey.  Most notably, a significant increase was seen in the ability of mothers of school-aged children to correctly determine whether their child had a fever or not.