Mother and Son Shopping

Texas SNAP Nutrition and Obesity Prevention Campaign

SUMA Social Marketing worked with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing to conduct research for the SNAP Nutrition and Obesity Prevention campaign, which is focused on helping families that receive SNAP benefits eat healthy food and get enough physical activity. The research goals included assessing SNAP recipients’ current knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding nutrition and physical activity, and testing creative materials and campaign strategies to determine message effectiveness and to guide positioning.

SUMA conducted focus groups with mothers and teens who receive SNAP benefits, observed mothers on grocery shopping trips, and conducted one-on-one phone interviews with stakeholders such as food bank directors and community health workers.

Through this research, SUMA generated recommendations for HHSC on how to:

  • communicate effectively with mothers
  • promote the campaign
  • engage community partners to affect local-level behavior change
  • promote actionable “small steps” to a healthier diet and more active lifestyle