Social Marketing frames its focus on the whole consumer in his or her world.  We place our clients and their clients front and center, and meet people where they are. Whether hanging out in bowling alleys, nail salons, clinics, offices, barbershops, day labor centers or schools, we ask audiences what they believe, perceive, know, feel, want, or need.  How do they learn, who do they listen to, and where do they look for information?

We make data come alive. We always listen before we create.  We apply our research findings in creative but practical ways.  Then, we field-test and refine.  The combination yields eye-opening reports and form the basis on engaging people in relevant and persuasive ways.

We add 3 P’s to the Traditional 4 P’s of Marketing:  Partnerships, Programs & Policy. Often, our findings illuminate the need for marketing partnership, program development or changes, or even work that may need to be done with public policy.  To that end, we have facilitated public–private partnerships, and have put the right tools into the right hands—those with influence, reliability, and position—to best educate the public about their community’s health and well being. We engage local influential’s to whom our audiences tune in to, trust, or will follow.  Our user-friendly marketing tools help partners reach audiences, and if they need additional training or technical assistance, we provide it.