Susan Poag, founder of SUMA Social Marketing, has created a company that is devoted to promoting health, well-being, and self-sufficiency and is a strong proponent of the social marketing model. With experience in facilitation, research, community-based partnership, strategic planning, and creative media, and a shared passion for social marketing, she has grown SUMA from an Austin, Texas-based firm to one with national stature. SUMA has received numerous awards for excellence in communication, training, and print and video programming designed for diverse audiences.

THE SUMA TEAM consists of a smart, dedicated and professional staff that includes experts in research, marketing, education, design, and management. We work collaboratively so that our clients always get the very best we have to offer. Among our partners are bilingual researchers and trainers, including those with proficiency in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, American Sign Language, and Hebrew; Ph.D.-holding statisticians; and a full-service telephone survey research company with CADI capabilities. Our creative partners include videographers, graphics designers, animation artists, photographers, Web designers, and media buyers.