Impaired Driving

Attitudes and Knowledge Research, Texas Department of Transportation


HEMMY Professional Campaign Award
Promising Practice Designation
  • Focus Groups
  • Presentation of Findings
  • Message Testing
  • Creative Material Testing
  • Impaired Driving
  • Young Adults
  • Prescription Drug Users
  • Cannabis Users
  • Alcohol Drinkers
The Challenge

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is committed to keeping Texans safe on the road, which includes having a sober person behind the wheel. To inform their public awareness campaigns, TxDOT has sought research with Texans over the years to learn about their knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions around driving while under the influence of different substances including alcohol, cannabis, and prescription medications.

The Research

SUMA has conducted focus groups on behalf of TxDOT with different target audiences over the years, including young adults, prescription drug users, alcohol drinkers, and cannabis users. Our researchers asked about their typical consumption, sought to understand their perceptions of how substances affect their driving, and explored their knowledge of the legal consequences of driving under the influence. SUMA also tested statements, commercials, billboards, and digital ads to gauge reactions and motivation to prevent driving under the influence of various substances.

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