Sexual Violence Prevention

Statewide Study, Texas Department of State Health Services


HEMMY Professional Campaign Award
Promising Practice Designation
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  • In-Depth Inteviews
  • Message Testing
  • National Review
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Presentation of Findings
  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Young Adults
  • Parents
  • Community Stakeholders
The Challenge

Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), in partnership with the Texas Office of the Attorney General, wanted to improve the DSHS Sexual Violence Prevention and Education program’s messaging on the prevention of sexual violence. The campaign and outreach efforts are intended to address the public health needs of communities to support the primary prevention of sexual violence. The goal of primary prevention is to stop sexual violence before it ever occurs, reduce risk factors, and enhance protective factors linked to sexual violence perpetration and victimization.

The Research

SUMA conducted focus groups and stakeholder interviews in English and Spanish at six key research sites that represent the geographic and cultural diversity of Texas. Our research explored audience reactions to three CDC strategies that are priority focus areas for DSHS. The research also explored current challenges facing youth, audience perceptions of the meaning of sexual violence, and some existing approaches to sexual violence prevention.

The Results
The findings will inform a statewide Sexual Violence Prevention and Education public awareness campaign and associated outreach tools; help define and assess the intended audience; and guide optimal message development, creative design, and delivery.

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