Documenting Hospital Implementation of the Obstetric Hemorrhage and Obstetric Opioid Use Disorders Bundles to Prevent Maternal Mortality and Morbidity, Texas Department of State Health Services


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The Challenge
Too many women die in Texas from pregnancy-related complications. In 2017, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), along with its numerous professional partners, launched TexasAIM, a large-scale collaborative initiative to end preventable maternal mortality in Texas. TexasAIM implemented best practices to address two of the leading causes of maternal mortality: obstetric hemorrhage and obstetric opioid use disorder. DSHS sought SUMA's research and analysis to better understand hospitals' experiences with this best practice implementation as well as to comprehensively document TexasAIM's process and progress in the early years of this fast-paced, life-saving initiative.
The Research

In 2020, the DSHS TexasAIM contracted with SUMA to conduct interviews with key personnel at 25 hospitals that had implemented the obstetric hemorrhage best practice bundle and healthcare providers at an additional 7 hospitals who were implementing a pilot bundle to address obstetric opioid use disorder. Interviewees included physicians and nurses in various roles who were actively involved in their hospital's implementation of the bundles. From these interviews, SUMA gathered the bright spots, challenges, and lessons learned of implementing these life-saving strategies.

Additionally, SUMA interviewed TexasAIM team members repeatedly and reviewed 100+ program documents to draft a comprehensive, polished report and a summary brief to tell the story of the planning, launch, and early implementation of this award-winning and ambitious public health initiative.

The Results

The findings from our interviews and our summary reports inform TexasAIM’s efforts as they expand these patient safety bundles to other hospitals across the state, implement new bundles, and offer guidance and lessons learned to other states and public health initiatives.

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