Voter ID

Awareness Research, Texas Secretary of State


HEMMY Professional Campaign Award
Promising Practice Designation
  • Focus Groups
  • Presentation of Findings
  • Creative Material Testing
  • Voting
  • Law Awareness
  • Seniors
  • Young Adults
  • Adults with Disabilities
The Challenge
The Texas Secretary of State wants to ensure that all Texans are aware of what forms of identification they can use at the voting booth. The Texas Secretary of State wanted to create a research-informed statewide awareness campaign to educate Texas voters about the laws regarding IDs.
The Research

SUMA was asked to do the research for this campaign in 2018, and then again in 2020. Our researchers conducted focus groups across the state in English and Spanish to explore knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions around voter identification laws in Texas. In these focus groups, we also tested creative campaign elements (TV, radio, digital ads, and billboards) about voter identification laws to gauge reactions and motivation among the target audience. SUMA held groups with senior voters, young adults, and those who were not registered to vote. SUMA also conducted one-on-one interviews with voters with disabilities to learn about their experiences when going to vote and any barriers they had encountered.

The Research

One of the goals of this type of creative testing is to check to ensure that the campaign materials and messages resonate with the target audience. To maximize the impact of this research budget, SUMA conducted one round of focus groups, and then gave feedback to the creative team so they could make data-informed changes before we conducted additional research.

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